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Richard Lord: Disgraced Mayor

May 10, 2023

Richard Lord is the ex-mayor of Blue Ridge, Georgia. He served the city for 10 years in which he cut crime by half, built public housing for seniors, and revamped education. A few months before the election, a video leaked of the mayor partying, smoking weed, and gambling. The press was quick to label him as the face of corruption.

Fig. 1 — Leaked photo of Richard taking a nap after a long day of work.
Fig. 2 — Dick Lord often played tracks from Wu-Tang Forever as he walked on stage.

"That leaked footage? Just some good times with friends. And Deshawn, he's like a brother to me. We don't snitch on family."

Headlines in the national papers read: Public Official with Hidden Agenda, Dick Lord, Marijuana Major, Politician Leaves Party — Heads to After-Party. He was interrogated by the city’s police department, which he had largely defunded, and was pressured to snitch on the “thugs he partied with,” an unfounded allegation which was later found to be racially motivated. The mayor kept his mouth shut, there was nothing to say, but the damage was done: Public opinion had shifted and he was forced to resign. He says it is the best thing that has happened to him as he can now party in peace.


"My grandma's recipe for edibles is straight from the old school, but I had to modernize it for the new era. And when I finally drop that cookbook, you'll be feeling like you just got initiated into the Hall of Fame of edibles."

Fig. 3 — Richard and his girlfriend Destiny practice ethical non-monogamy.
Fig. 4 — The newspaper article that dubbed him “Dick” Lord, a moniker he readily adopted all 9” inches of.
Fig. 5 — Richard Lord’s official campaign poster. He refused to spend money on an advertising agency and always developed his own campaigns. The result was often superior.