Conspiracy of Silence

Connie Lauren, Alleged Girlboss

May 19, 2023

Connie Lauren is the alleged head of a small organized crime syndicate in Dayton, Ohio, and currently awaiting trial for drug trafficking. According to the charges against her, she ran the operations from the fast food joint Jenny’s. A stable in the community, the diner was open 24/7, but court records show that most deliveries were made between 1-4am, and often to a nearby pay-by-the-hour motel.

Fig. 1. — Handwritten note entered into evidence.

When locals are asked about Connie, most refuse to believe the innocent girl they grew up with could be behind something so salacious. “She was just a waitress. There’s someone else behind this,” says a regular who wishes to remain anonymous. Since the charges, the establishment has changed the slogan to “Criminally good chicken,” which garnered such widespread coverage that Jenny’s now has a line around the block with locals and out-of-towners eager to satisfy their cravings. Rumour has it that the nuggets and tenders are laced with crack, but lab reports support no such findings.

"I heard she wanted to become an actor."


"I don't know what to believe anymore. All I know is that Jenny's chicken is still the best in town."

Big Vlad, a character from the Conspiracy of Silence series by Jean Malek, poses in front of an old motel door. He wears a light blue vintage sports outfit with a large gold chain and carries a concealed gun. Vlad's face is lit by a red light and he has a bruise on his eye, giving him a menacing appearance.
Fig. 2 — Locals believe Big Vlad forced Connie and Bambi to run drugs for him via the restaurant. He denies any involvement, yet seems eager to maintain his thuggish image: “I’m not stupid enough to get caught.”
Connie Lauren is aggressively holding John Miller's face while looking deeply into his eyes. Behind John, we see the hand of a man holding a gun and pointed at his back. This man is positioned behind John Miller. These characters are part of a photo series called Conspiracy of Silence, created by Jean Malek.
Fig. 3 — Photograph found in room 146 of the motel. It shows Big Vlad with Connie. Date unknown.
Fig. 4 — Burn-damaged photograph of Bambi, who is rumoured to have been Connie's right-hand woman. The photo was discovered in room 146 and submitted as evidence in the Conspiracy of Silence case."
Black and white portrait of John Miller, a character from Jean Malek's Conspiracy of Silence series. John is seated in front of the camera with wet hair, looking upward. He is positioned between the legs of an undisclosed character who is visible in the foreground but out of focus.
Fig. 4 — John Miller, a local man who claims he was taken advantage of by Connie and Bambi. He has not filed a police report.